Tassel Earrings and What to Pair Them With

The year 2016 brought on a lot of fresh and new ideas in the realm of fashion. It has indeed evolved that many are now into the bolder styles. Unique accessories are now making a comeback in the form of Tassel Earrings.
Gone are the days when tassels were mainly used for home design and upholstery accents. Now they are also used as the inspiration for Tassel earrings. As the name implies, it is a style that replicates the classic tassel, turning it into a fashion accessory for the ears. There are many versions of the tassel earring; some have longer tassels while some have short and fluffier tassels. They come in a wide array of colours ranging from the metallic to the primary colours. Some variations sport a single colour and others come in a multitude of hues.

The tassel earrings usually come as dangling earrings. This means that the tassel itself is attached at the end of a small hook which is then inserted into your earlobe piercing. Longer variants are best to pair with long flowing hair or with short haircuts such as the pixie or bob cuts. Both hairstyles will compliment a longer tassel because it provides a better background to showcase your Tassel earrings. Those with mid-length or curly hair will find that the short or wider tassel styles will look better than their longer counterpart.

There is no fixed rule on what tassel colour fits perfectly with any given outfit. Yet, there are a few tips to help you make the better ‘looking’ decision. The easiest outfit to style would be the monochromatic colours: black, grey, and white. These colours go well with almost any colour. A great idea would be to pair bright colored earrings with monochromatic outfits. This makes the earring’s colour pop out more because of its simple background.

If you are not into blacks and whites and prefer wearing colourful outfits then stick to earrings that compliment your colour scheme. Avoid pairing colours that clash against each other. An example of a colour scheme to avoid would be pairing green with red, brown on violet, and other combinations that tend to drown out each other. Some prefer to wear earrings that are a shade lighter of whatever article of clothing they are already wearing.
Tassel earrings can also be paired successfully with patterned clothing. The trick is to make sure that the colour of the earrings you will be wearing can be found in your attire.

It does not matter if the colour you choose to follow is a shade lighter or darker; this trick makes your look cohesive and tidy. If you are still confused on what colour to pick, your safest choice would be to go for metallic since these are easily paired with any colour or pattern without looking out of place.
Audacious as the style may be, one does not need to have a bold taste to be able to use Tassel earrings. There are a lot of ways to wear this style without taking for granted your own personal taste and classy at the same time.