Gearing Up for Football: What You Need to Know if You Plan on Playing Football

It’s not surprising if your son (or sons) will suddenly have the urge to take up football during the summer with their friends with the hopes they could make it in the big leagues like the heroes they look up to.
On the other hand, perhaps you’re also interested in taking up football where you can release all that work related stress during the weekend, and although what most professional players wear look easy enough for you to copy, there’s much more than just t-shirts, shorts, and running shoes, take a look into

So what exactly do you need to know when it comes to gearing up for football?

If you or your son wants to take up football for the summer or for just some quality time bonding or hobby, you should know that it will take much more than simply kicking the ball in the right places, football is a demanding sport and it will require your complete attention even during practice runs over the weekend.
However, we’re not here to talk about the strategies involved in playing football, we can do that in another time. Below are the following things you need to know about gearing up for football:

Cleats: the most important thing about gearing up for football is the cleats. Yes, they do look similar but cleats have more to offer to football players compared to running shoes. Besides the studs/spikes underneath cleats, running shoes are simply meant for running and nothing else. The tightness, cushioning, arch support, and even the breathability of each shoes can greatly impact the wearer when it comes to playing football.

T-Shirts or Jerseys: the one thing that sets football apart is its simplicity, you can simply put on a shirt and get on the field immediately. Most players can purchase their favorite team jersey in most malls across the nation or purchase exclusive ones on Amazon or other online shopping platforms. Jerseys are made from the highest quality materials that allows you to move with ease and with complete freedom.

Shorts: football is a really enjoyable sport even if you don’t play professionally, it allows you to move around the field freely. The shorts football players wear are made from durable yet lightweight materials with an elastic waist which allows players of any size to wear it. In professional football, players are allowed to wear thinner shorts underneath the actual shorts. It’s recommended that you wear shorts that are tight so that it won’t restrict your movement when you play.

Socks: perhaps the most iconic accessory or piece of clothing in football are the socks, easily recognised by many even to those who don’t play or watch football regularly or those who don’t even know anything about football at all! Players usually match their socks with the same colour as their shirt. Now, the socks football players wear aren’t your regular socks, they’re knee high socks that are thick to prevent the players being bruised or cut when they play.
Gloves, Mouth Guards, and Shin Guards: although optional, many football players wear gloves to help them grip the ball properly. Now, football is a very physical sport and injuries are bound to happen, even if you won’t be playing professionally, you need to be suited up for safety such as wearing shin guards under your socks or by wearing mouth guards to save your teeth from impact.