Allied Health College – Capability Statement

The Allied Health College has been a service provider for five consecutive years. This institution is the only in Dade County with 95% population are of multicultural diversities. Each year, an average of 150 students graduate from Allied Health College. Many of them have become a source of inspiration for neighbors, and family members alike. Buy online from NHS Heroe’s at

The training provided at our institution is so effective that every year, over 200 students commute to attend our health care program. Our success is due primarily to our staff commitment to assist student in developing their own potential so that they could become self sufficiency.

The cultural aspect is one dimension that sets our institution making the difference. Our program is designed with the immigrant population in mind. Aspects like cultural integration, multi ethnic interaction are very important in dealing with the refugee and other immigrants. Caribbean offers its facility free of charge to community groups, and non profit organization to conduct cultural activities.

Since language is an important factor that can affect outcome, Allied Health College makes it its policy for the instructional staff to conduct classes in English, creole and spanish Creole and Spanish are used for clarification purpose.

One of the factors that contribute for Haitians to drop out of training programs is communication. The Haitian population that attends the Practical Nursing program experience dismissal from the program more than any other ethnic group. Statistics have shown 15 to 25% are rejected one month before graduation. A student would miss the chance to become a Practical Nurse failure to proper conduct the washing techniques, or a bed making. By combining occupational skills training with ESOL/Remedial programs, the applicant will be able to save time and become job ready in a shorter period of time.

    Since its creation in 1991, Allied Health College is serving Haitian
    Americans interested in the health field. Half of our student population commute to our location in order to attend the programs offered by the Allied Health College.The typical student who enrolls in our programs fits the description of JTPA applicant’s profile in term of financial conditions, educational attainment, and English as a second language.
  2. For the year of 1992/1993, AHC- was awarded a contract with PIC to a total of 35 Participants. to train and place. They have successfully passed the State Board examination and placed.
  3. For the years 93/94; 95/96, 97/98; 99./2000, a total of 150 participants were awarded to train. Upon completion of the program, they have successfully passed their State Board Examination and placed.